Momentum is a one-day event with an optional second-day where a small group of dedicated, like-minded entrepreneurs come together in an intimate setting to learn, share, discuss, troubleshoot, and make REAL change in their lives and businesses. Through collective brainstorming, sharing, education, accountability, and ongoing support, true growth and tangible results are guaranteed.

Lou and his guest speakers share not only their personal experiences in starting and growing a business, but the challenges they continue to face along the way — lessons to learn, pitfalls to avoid, and real-world strategies, tactics, and personal guidance you will begin implementing right away . . . at Momentum.

What Makes Momentum Different

“Conferences” can be overwhelming. You’re forced to choose which sessions to attend and which to skip. You leave worried about what you missed and then return home to realize months later that you didn’t even take much (if any) action.

Momentum is different. Because you’ll attend every session we offer, you won’t miss a thing. Additionally, we offer an interactive, hands-on environment (for the entire day) where your unique questions, pain points, and needs are addressed in real-time by Lou and his experts.

All weekend the focus is on YOU. Not only do you receive incredible information and advice that will help you boost your brand, business, and revenue, but you also receive on-site support and help in order to enact positive change immediately.

While Day 1 offers a wealth of information and priceless support via our Spark Workshop. Day 2 consists of diving deeper with a select group for the Mastermind Experience. Unlike other 1-day mastermind groups, Momentum invites Lou’s trusted web developers/programmers, designers, and marketing professionals IN THE ROOM to assist you on-the-spot!

Day 1: Spark Workshop

Saturday, October 15, 2016
9:00am – 5:00pm
Limited to 50 people

  • Opening keynote by Lou Mongello
  • Interactive sessions & workshops led by like-minded entrepreneurs

    -incorporate “The Disney Difference” into YOUR business
    -build and evolve your brand
    -clarify and refine your message
    -create and nurture your community (both on and off-line)
    -improve your marketing
    -start or improve your podcast
    -leverage your business via social media & email marketing
    -navigate and thrive in the live streaming world

  • Momentum Workbook: Lou and his guest speakers share their most valuable tools & advice
  • Live follow-up group video call

Day 2: Mastermind Experience

Sunday, October 15
9:00am – 5:00pm
Limited to 10 people

  • Take further action on what you learned on Day 1
  • Dedicated time in the “hot seat” where the focus is on YOU
  • Make on-the-spot changes to help you get to where you want to be
  • Review your brand, content, website, marketing, and much more with our experts
  • Utilize the talents and resources of web developers, graphic designers, and marketing experts who are in the room with and for you
  • Make on-the-spot updates, plugin installations and configurations, graphics updates, etc.
  • Implement necessary adjustments and tweaks to create more effective systems that will improve your business
  • Ongoing support and lifetime access in our members-only community