Helping you Build your Brand and Business

My Goal Is To Help You Reach Yours

I know how you feel, because I’ve been there. I left the practice of law, sold my house and moved to Florida to share my passion full-time. I understand what it takes to make such an enormous leap of faith, face your fears, and build a business from scratch.

I built my personal brand and business, positioning myself as an expert, not just on Disney, but on podcasting, social media, and entrepreneurship. I’ve successfully:

  • Been named one of the Top 50 Social Media Influencers
  • Authored and published multiple books, audio tours, and a print magazine.
  • Amassed more than 1.9 million views on my WDW Radio YouTube channel.
  • Built a podcast community that reaches hundreds of thousands of listeners.
  • Awarded Best Travel Podcast for 9 consecutive years
  • Become a sought-after speaker at conferences, schools, corporate events and Disney fan gatherings around the world.
  • Been featured on numerous TV shows, magazines, newspapers, and business podcasts

Most importantly, I make a living doing what I love!​

I invite you to work with me to:

Interested in Working With Lou?

I want to help you get from where you are to where you want to be, and turn your passion into your profession. I don’t just talk about how to do it in theory – I’ve actually done it! I left the practice of law and over the past 12 years built a successful brand and business around my passion.

You have two options:

One-on-One Video Coaching Calls

With 1:1 mentoring, Lou works with you to create and execute ideas and solutions that are unique to you and your business. He specializes in content creation, marketing, podcasting, building a brand, social media, community, monetization, and more.

Weekly Mastermind Group

Lou’s group coaching program (limited to 6 members) includes weekly live video group calls, 1:1 video coaching calls, accountability partner, online community, unlimited email support, resource sharing, and more.

Single "power hour" coaching session

  • 60 minute pick-Lou’s-brain session
  • Recording of our video conversation
  • Practical and tactical guidance
  • Blend of business and personal coaching
  • Notes and clear action steps
  • Personal access for ongoing accountability and support
Our call yesterday was a game changer! I appreciate you taking the time to inspire and encourage me. There is no doubt you’ve been instrumental in setting me on a path to turn what I love to do into what I do! I look forward to continuing our coaching conversations, learning from you, and growing in my creative ambitions to make my dream come true.
Ruben R.

Learn More About the
Momentum Mastermind Group

Mastermind Group 2 Spots left - v2
  • Are you looking to grow your business, build your brand, and create a better life?
  • Are you struggling with ideas, motivation, frustration, monetization, and staying accountable?
  • Are you looking for a small, supportive, collaborative environment that will help you focus your efforts for maximum effect?
  • Do you want to learn from and with others (including me) who each bring their unique talents, ideas, and experience to the table?
  • Do you want to turn what you love into what you DO?


I invite you to apply to be a part of our next weekly Mastermind Group!

If you are a solopreneur and are prepared to make a transformation in your life and business, I invite you to join me to be part of a select group in “The Hub.” Author Napoleon Hill coined the term “Mastermind” over 75 years ago in his classic book, “Think and Grow Rich.” He defined it as the “coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

The Hub will bring together a small group passionate, motivated solopreneurs determined to build their brand and business. This group provides a supportive, collaborative environment that will help you focus your efforts for maximum effect. I will share lessons I’ve learned on my journey from full-time lawyer to full-time entrepreneur.

In The Hub, you will be part of a small only 6 members per group select group of fellow entrepreneurs who are committed to building their brand, growing their business, and improving their life.

Your membership includes:

  • Weekly group video calls
  • One, 30-minute, private, one-on-one video call per month
  • Daily support, interaction and help with lifetime membership in our private, members-only Facebook group.
  • Tools, resources, guides, templates, and samples.
  • Group retreats to get away, conduct in-person workshops, and more!
  • Network with influential people who take their business, brand, and entrepreneurship as seriously as you do, and gain exposure to other members’ networks of influence.
  • Get honest, friendly feedback and advice on your business, ideas, goals and challenges through a positive support system of success-oriented entrepreneurs like you.
How do you know if the Mastermind is right for you? 
If you are feeling like you are stuck and can’t make it happen on your own… if you are looking for new revenue streams and need helping maximizing what you already have in place… if you want to implement proven systems to make yourself more efficient… if you want to learn new strategies for growth and expansion… if you need help focusing… if you are willing to share what you already know with others.. then our Mastermind Group might be just what you need!
Together is how we go “higher, further, faster!”

Is the group for me?


  • Dedicated to reaching more people with your passion and message
  • Looking to broaden your knowledge and learn from peers
  • Frustrated by the lack of results you’ve had on your own
  • Willing to share your time, skills, and support with others in the group
  • Ready to overcome your fears and go from dreamer to doer!


  • Trying to “get rich quick.”
  • Not willing to engage fully in your journey and that of your peers
  • Looking for someone else to do the work for you
  • Expecting to receive without giving back and helping others
  • Not 100% committed to your success and that of others in the group by sharing your strengths, talents and knowledge.


New Group Forming NOW!

The investment in your future is $597 per month with a 6-month commitment, or one-time, discounted payment of $3197.

If you are serious about making the commitment to turning your passion into your profession and doing what you love every day…