Momentum Weekend Retreat

April 28-30, 2023

Spend the weekend in a luxury vacation home with a carefully selected group of solopreneurs and entrepreneurs like you who want to turn what they love into what they DO.

In this three-day, two-night event, 10 like-minded entrepreneurs will get together for a transformative Mastermind Retreat from Friday, April 28 through Sunday, April 30, 2023 to achieve your most ambitious goals and dreams.

A retreat can be a real turning point in your business… it is the turning point where your business dreams turn into actual and achievable goals.
As solopreneurs, we often lack a team of people who not only understand what we do, our struggles, challenges, and dreams. We also don’t have people with whom to reflect, brainstorm, strategize, and create goals and plans, all while keeping us accountable.
A business retreat is a unique opportunity to surround yourself with a small group of supportive, like-minded solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and colleagues who you trust to take a critical look at your business together with you. By the end of the weekend, you become not only each other’s team, but cheering squad.
I built my personal brand and business, positioning myself as an expert, not just on Disney, but on podcasting, live video, social and new media, community, and entrepreneurship. How can I help YOU?

The Momentum Retreat Mission



Discuss ideas and obstacles with a round-table of entrepreneurs.



Organize and prioritize, turning your list of ideas into an actual plan of attack.



Built in time to start making meaningful progress while you’ve got momentum.

Weekend Agenda:

Meet, eat, and reflect on the past to help everyone get a good overview of where they were (and are), so we can go into the next day with a clear mind and focus, ready to strategize.
Breakfast, followed by in-depth masterminding (with a break for lunch), where we discuss your business, intentions, and challenges, and setting goals for the coming months and year.
Saturday Night

Presentations, dinner, and pool party at the home.


Group workshop, feedback sessions, ideation, goal-setting, and planning. 

Whats Included

To ensure you focus only on you and the event, I’ll take care of all the details. Your investment in the Momentum Retreat will include:
I’m a big believer in the power of food (Hi, I’m Lou… have we met?), as it is not only oh-so-very delicious, but it provides a shared experience and point of connection amongst groups, as well as being the fuel for the energy of the group. Conversations over meals provide a great break from some of the “business” of the retreat… and gives us a chance to enjoy some tasty treats!

Are you ready to join us for a weekend that will get you from where you are to where you want to be?

This retreat will give you not just a supportive environment in which to discuss your dreams (big and small), but will help you get “unstuck” and keep moving forward with confidence and more clarity. Join us for a weekend filled with business brainstorming and 1:1 coaching in a small, supportive group setting!
This Weekend Retreat and mastermind will afford us the opportunity to mastermind on a level that can’t be accomplished in shorter sessions.
It also gives everyone who attends a chance over the three days to socialize in a comfortable location, and build stronger bonds and relationships with one another.
During this retreat weekend, you will get:

Recap video from our first Mastermind Retreat Weekend!