My name is Lou Mongello. I left the practice of law, sold my house, and moved to Florida to pursue and share my passion for all things Disney. This is my story...

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Lou Mongello is a widely recognized Walt Disney World author, expert, host and speaker and host/producer of WDWRadio ...


Lou Mongello is a featured speaker at corporate events, Disney fan gatherings, at conferences and to businesses

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THANKS Lou!!! I have a 7th Grader and she said she learned to Follow Your Dream! Usually we hear grumble grumble about speakers for Career Day, but today I heard all about your speech! You made an huge, positive impact on the students!

Pat B.


Not only was Lou an absolute delight to work with, being completely professional, he went beyond the call of duty, making sure he knew the expectations of the audience to deliver an on-target message. Reading the tweets that were flying out during his speech, seeing the inspiration he delivered, and listening to the attendees' excitement afterwards, Lou was the perfect keynote who packed a powerful, meaningful message in the time we allotted him. Now my concerns start all over again... how do I find a keynote for next year who can match Lou? -

Bess Auer, President, Florida Blogger’s Conference

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